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18 Adorable Cats Who Found Comfort In Their Dogs

When cats get tired, where do they go?  Well, if they have a bed they might go there.  They might try to sneak into your bed to share the covers.  Typically, though, they are going to try to find the comfiest place in the house.  If you have a dog, then you know just how comfy they might be.  You may have even used them as a pillow yourself.  Who can blame these cats for taking the opportunity to get a great rest.

1. A small pillow, but it’ll do.

2. Such a big, fluffy pillow!

3. Even the pillow is worn out.

4. This looks like a comfy sleeping arrangement.

5. This pup doesn’t seem to mind that he’s a pillow at the moment.

6. Being a pillow can be tough work.

7. This kitty sure is enjoying nap time.

8. Both of them are enjoying some much needed rest.

9. This looks pretty comfy!

10. The pillow can even be moving.

11. Great time to take a nap.

12. Two pillows for one cat.

13. This pillow looks exhausted.

14. So sleepy!

15. Such a fluffy pillow.

16. Ears make good sleeping masks.

17. The cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

18. This kitty loves this pillow!

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